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Final Fantasy IV hardCORE
05-14-2012, 01:55 AM
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Final Fantasy IV hardCORE
"Final Fantasy IV hardCORE" (actual in-game title screens)
[Image: ff4hc_title.png] [Image: ff4hc_title-lite.png]

This is a mod that's sole purpose is to take the basic game and make it a bit of a difficult challenge, add some new content, and generally overhaul how the game's statistical engine affects the gameplay. This isn't another "HardType" of mine where a bunch of random shit was replaced just for the sake of replacing it. I will be making two versions, a "Final Fantasy IV hardCORE [Lite]" version which keeps the original game intact and just changes the various statistical data, items, magic, characters, monsters as well as some other stuff. The regular version "Final Fantasy IV hardCORE" will include the aforementioned data and also include some musical changes, graphical changes, map changes, naming changes, and hopefully a reworked script. The goal is for this to become a fully reworked or "remixed" game versus the original that keeps the nostalgic feel of the original game but adds some additional challenge. Oh, and no more holding down "A" to win every fight... :)

The highlights:
-Custom title screen and some font tweaks
-Maximum damage allowed is 5,000 by anyone
-Maximum HP each character can get is ~5,000 <-- Thinking about changing to ~3200 max HP
-Maximum MP each character can get is ~500 <-- Thinking about changing to ~320 max MP
-Maximum Stat (STR/AGI/VIT/WIS/WILL) each character can get is 50 (before item stat bonuses)
-Items have had their GP prices increased considerably, especially equipment
-Curative items like Tonic/Potion/X-Potion and Tincture/Ether will generally heal less than the original amounts
-Tweaked learned magic at level ups to generally be higher
-Gave a couple of magic users a few more spells designed to add more strategy
-Magic spells are now less powerful but cost much more MP and in some cases take longer to cast
-Magic casting characters that normally get access to every spell will not any longer. Spells will be more spread out. <-- Still deciding yes or no on this
-Weapons have been tweaked to do less damage, no more back-row Blood sword killing everything
-Armor has been tweaked to provide less overall defense
-Equipment "who can equip" data has been tweaked
-Equipment has all but been removed of stat bonuses
-Only 1 super weapon and you'll need to find it (without cheating), high attack with a price--that being not being able to equip a shield (Paladin/Dragoon) <-- Removed
-Only 1 super armor and you'll need to find it (without cheating), high defense & high magic defense with a price (think Cursed Ring) <-- Removed
-Some weapons have additional magic casting capability
-Shops have been overhauled for added balance and difficulty
-Treasure chests have been completely overhauled and some relocated to balance the money earning rate with items that you will need at "just the right time"
-Double to Quadrupled (2x to 4x) the monster encounter rates
-Monsters HP, attack, physical defense, magical defense, speed and magic power have been increased
-Monsters winnable items have been completely rewritten. As in 99% rewritten (Tower key didn't change)
-Some maps will be changed to give a little refresh and to add a little additional walking time. :)
-There will be a new town and a new small dungeon created as well.
-Some monster graphical or palette changes are planned
-Possibly spruce up some palettes and graphics in various other places in the game
-More to come...


Completion log:
Title screen: 100%
Splash Screen Intro: 50%
Font: 99%
Characters: 90%
Magic: 90%
Items/Equipment: 95%
Shops: 90%
Planned Map Changes: 50% <-- Currently being finalized
Treasure 90%
Planned Event Changes: 10%
Battle Strategy Changes: 25%
Monster stats: 33%
Monster AI: 0%
Battle Formations: 5%
Dialogue: 0%
Battle Dialogue: 0%

[Image: jce3000gt_md.png]

[Image: jce3000gt.jpg]
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